Sunday, February 2, 2014

Viva la Diva lipstick review!

Hello Ladies!

Today i want to show you some really nice lipsticks that i got from Viva la Diva, a swedish cosmetic company.I got "Super
Nova"(no. 119), "Cyber Kiss"(no.117) and "Kiss and Tell"(no. 113).

Packaging: First of all, the Viva la Diva lipsticks set themselves apart from other lipsticks through their packaging, which is silver, with little dots on the cap.This look differs from other lipsticks, which are mostly plain black. The lipstick is also a bit slimmer than others which makes handling easier. All in all, the packaging of the Viva la Diva lipsticks is very, very cute and feminine.


Texture: the Viva la Diva lipsticks apply super smooth and creamy ,while wearing they moisturize  your lips and give them a barely-there feeling! I didn´t use any lipstick before that was as moisturizing and lightweight as the Viva la Diva ones!
Scent: these lipsticks don´t smell any powdery or waxy!In fact, they have a fruity smell that reminds me of watermelons.A big plus for all you girls that don´t like the usual waxy smell that lipsticks often have!
Pigmentation: No lie! These lipsticks are sooo pigmented!So amazingly opaque! They have a shining ,almost glossy finish which is caused by a few glitters in them.If you want to wear them a bit more sheer,for a more natural look, you´d have to dab them very lightly on your lips. Another plus !:)                                                                                                                                                  

The colors last very very long, i wore them more than six hours without flaking! Thats because these lipsticks begin to "sit" on your lips after a few minutes, that means they leave a stain that covers them nearly all day long (in a good way: you don´t have to put the lipstick on again and again every few hours).


                                                       "Super Nova"(no. 119) 
Super Nova is a deep purple, plum color with a red untertone to it, that would probably suit all skintones (in my opinion).


                                                                                                                                                                                                                     "Cyber Kiss"(no.117)                                                            
 Cyber Kiss is a very bright, hot pink, with a blue untertone to it (which makes your teeth appear whiter). In my eyes, this is the perfect Pink!


                                                    "Kiss and Tell"(no.113)                                                                      
Kiss and Tell is a light beige, caramell-brown color. It is a nice nude that fits perfectly to a smokey eye!