Saturday, January 25, 2014

Exfoliating your lips with Sugar

Hello Beauties! 
This is going to be my first post, please excuse that i am not into this whole "Blogging-Thing" yet.
Today i´d like to share with you guys my lip-exfoliating routine that i adopted from a youtube video a few months ago...
Whenever your lips feel dry and too rough for a nice layer of lipstick, try this method and it will make them feel full and smooth again !

First, take your toothbrush and use it for peeling your dry lips in a circular motion.
Then, after having peeled them, mix a teespoon full sugar with a bit water and apply the mixture with the fingers on your lips. Peel your lips with the mixture on your finger, as you did with the toothbrush. Whenever you feel you did enough, rinse it off.
Next, right before you go to sleep, apply a thick layer of lipbalm on your lips. 
It´ll smooth them over night.

When you wake up, your lips will feel and look full, plump, smooth and beautiful again, ready for some nice color ;)
As i tried this method first, i couldnt believe the results, my lips looked perfect.
Since then i exfoliate my lips that way at least once a week to pamper them after having applied amounts of different lipsticks throughout the week.

I would love to hear if this method worked for you or not, so please feel free to leave me a message :) 

xoxo, your honeyloveslipsticks 

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